Alice Hartley

b. 1988, Winchester

2011–2013 MA Printmaking, Royal College of Art , London
2007–2010 BA Illustration and Animation, Kingston University, London

Artist’s Statement

Alice Hartley‘spractice mainly centers around fragmentation and re-contextualisation of words and phrases that she has heard in conversation, applying them in a new way to give it new meaning.

When taken out of context, the spirit of the sentence adjusts itself to the person.

By using snippets of sentences and conversations she highlights the past and addresses it in a new way.

Hartley voices the unspoken that is present in everyday life, the politics of the self and therefore the politics of everyday life.

Using an ambiguous language the sentence is opened up for the viewer to apply it in a way they can relate to themselves and to start and new conversation. In doing so, Alice Hartley highlights the thing that we’re all thinking but maybe not discussing.

Recent Exhibitions

2012 It began at the lake, The Little Gallery, Calgary

2013 Parallax, CGProjects, London
2012 I took the lift to the 6th Floor, CGProjects, London

Awards and Residencies

2012 Tim Mara Residency, Calgary University, Calgary

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