John Thole

b. 1978, Banbury, UK


2012-2014 MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2005-2006 BA Photography, Media and Video Production, Oxford and Cherwell College Banbury, UK
2004-2005 HND Photography, Oxford and Cherwell College, Banbury, UK

Artist’s Statement

Just as the body has entry and exit points, I begin my work by bringing in themes and ideas informed by my background in film and photography, as well as my interest in sound and music. These elements are then carried forward or rejected as part of an editing process. In creating an image I treat the composition as a system;a body in which individual parts lend themselves to a much larger whole. Textures and forms are often reminiscent of the body, and are a way of making the interior the exterior, each part being connected. Figures, too, often operate in a similar way, becoming part  of both each other and the compositional structure of a theatrical space.

Recent Exhibitions

2013 PNTNG NOV, Henry Moore, London, UK
2013 That’s Unfortunate, Hockney Gallery, London, UK
2013 Notes To Self, Dyson Building, London, UK
2008 Arrrttt, Jam Factory, Oxford, UK
2007 Electric Proms Screening, Roundhouse, London, UK
2005 33 Views, Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

Awards and Residencies

2007 New Music Shorts Award, BBC, London, UK

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