Inga Lineviciute

b. 1992, Kaunas, Lithuania

2011–2014 BA Fine Art, University of Central Lancashire , Preston

Watch The Horns by Inga Lineviciute

Watch The Hair by Inga Lineviciute

Artist’s Statement

My art is focused on social and cultural issues that I try to express through drawing. I find drawing to be the perfect medium to investigate things that happen around me. Recently I started to animate my drawings  and through sketching in public spaces I collect stories and ideas for my animations. This process is very important and is maintained in the finished work through the sketchy and unfinished aesthetics of the animations. Drawing in the public realm lets me analyse people's behaviour and ethics, and also allows me to explore spaces and time. My animations tell a story and portray experiences, I combine traditional animation techniques and modern methods in order to fulfil my visions.

The selected animations are based on my own experiences and observations. I am particularly interested in various unpredictable situations and how people cope with the unexpected. My aim was to draw stories which both reflect the problems of social etiquette and questions surrounding the ‘appropriate’ public behaviour. I used mythological motives and creatures in order to express the situations and the ambience of the setting. The simplistic style of the pencil drawings is inspired by old caricature drawings that were used to illustrate tales and myths in books and other media.

Recent Exhibitions

2014 The Coffee Art Project, The Old Truman Brewery, London
2014 Right Here – Right Now, Brierfield Library, Nelson
2013 Untitled, Hanover Project, Preston

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