Lucy Joyce

b. 1978, London


2011–2013 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art and Design, London
2006–2009 BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

Artist’s Statement

My practice is led by my studio-based work, which explores my ideas, imagination and experience often through drawn or written proposals, with a large emphasis on the possibility/hope of what could be realised. My work either remains in this fantastical unrealized state or extends into reality and the everyday world through sculptural intervention/installation/performance. Largely set within an everyday environment or responding directly to a chosen architectural space or landscape, these works enforce my own experiences and imagination onto the viewer in an imposing form. Often created on a monumental scale, exaggerating form and presence. My intention is to create a moment of distraction, away from what already exists, a trigger device - a shift through encounter that can somehow create awareness or even seem to prolong the present moment in time.  I am also interested in investigating how waiting, looking and experiencing might imprint an encounter on the viewer’s memory.

Perhaps by chance, through their site-specificity, my sculptural installations/interventions obstruct a moment of my audience’s time, but can create an impact, briefly disturbing the interrelation between fantasy and reality. I am interested in high up spaces, the idea of looking up. Materials that glimmer, distract or may only exist as a flash in someone’s peripheral vision captivate me. My practice is preoccupied with rupture, and by this I mean an interruption of sorts, a moment of severe distraction - a primary interception or intervention – a cut, break, crack that is received physically, emotionally or mentally through a given moment in time, an unexpected and unknown encounter. I am continuing to explore this area in the way of site-specific installation, film, performative sculpture and photography. This is the area I am pursuing through the works I have proposed to the ICA.  STALKING THE BUILDING & POSSIBILITIES FOR THE ICA a series of drawings/proposals that have the potential to extend into actual works sited on the ICA building itself.

Recent Exhibitions

2014 Project Visible, Tate Britain and Tate Modern, London
2014 Hacking Spaces, Bosse & Baum and Orrproject, London
2014 Technopolis, Departure Foundation, London
2013 21st Century Art and Design. Selected works and projects from the Royal College of Art Show 2013, Christie’s, London

Awards and Residencies

2012 Villiers David Travel Award, Royal College of Art, London
2009 Workspace Studio Award, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

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