Milou van der Maaden

b. 1986, Oss, the Netherlands

2012-2014 MA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK
2007-2011 BA Fine Art, Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Artist’s Statement

Milou van der Maaden‘s practice is based on intense research subjects and explores social and reflective engagement between the  work, the subject and the spectator. Her research involves the interpretation and re-contextualization of both contemporary and historical archival sources, manifesting in video, photographic, socioperformative, and text works. Her work explores how trauma and violence are represented and what constitutes their meaning in contemporary readings.  The work investigates what this means for the viewer’s implication in both being a spectator and being part of a certain history, or the way it is represented and processed. In her installations she brings together these different forms of re-presented subjects, using their affective visual signifiers to encourage the viewer’s emotive engagement and at the same time to problematize emotional, social and historical implication.

Recent Exhibitions

2014 Second Person Looking Out, University College London Art Museum, London, UK
2014 Now & After Memory Migration, The State Museum of the History of GULAG, Moscow, Russia
2013 Free Enterprise, Academiegalerie, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2013 Big Dinner, Limbo, Margate, UK Awards and Residencies
2013 The Inheritance Residency: Contesting Legacies in Fine Art Practice, Research and Education, Paradox Fabric, Granada, Spain
2012 VSB Fonds Beurs Bursary, VSB Fonds, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2012 Cultuurfondsbeurs Bursary, Prins Bernhard Cultuur fonds, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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