Frances Williams

b. 1965, London, UK

2012-2016 PhD Fine Art, Falmouth University, Falmouth, UK
2010-2011 MA Fine Art: Contemporary Practices, University College Falmouth, Falmouth, UK
2007-2010 BA Fine Art, University College Falmouth, Falmouth, UK

Watch Ting and Tang: anachronisms by Frances Williams

Artist’s Statement

I am interested in the slippage from a secure point that occurs when one ‘looks away’ in relation to an artwork, what happens when we don’t pay attention and how not paying attention may manifest itself on a visceral level.

I am developing a performance-related practice across the mediums of moving image, video, performance and installation as a means to investigate the space between ‘looking away’ and ‘paying attention’.  I use performance as a tool in practice- related research to open up the potential of this notion. Within my work  I am drawing from a number of theoretical positions including the notion of disjointedness and being ‘out of time’.

Ting and Tang: anachronisms 1 (2012) are pieces of footage pasted together from all sorts of media, possibly recovered from a skip in Wandsworth, possibly outside a refurbished Council House, probably formerly occupied by Ting and Tang, who may be bauhausian performance artists, or not, and who were possibly active in 1967 or maybe 1981, likely as not in the field of the digital mirror effect and retrieved, in all likelihood, by Mrs Passmore, the Interim Curator and Temporary Archivist of the LMPA.

Recent Exhibitions

2013 Back Lane West and PAC Home @KARST Residency, KARST and Back Lane West Plymouth, UK and Redruth, UK
2012 Dublin Live Art Festival, Screening, Dublin, UK
2012 ‘I'm getting less and less interested in your idea of what is and isn't possible (1 and 2)’ Collaboration with Anna Spearman, Cornwall Autonomous Zone and Back Lane West, Penzance, UK and Redruth, UK
2012 The Sorrows of Laughing Anne, The Electrician’s Basement, Trinity Buoy Wharf London, UK
2011 24 Hour Comic, Collaboration with Anna Spearman, Wadebridge Town Hall, Wadebridge, UK

Awards and Residencies

2011 The Sandra Blow Scholarship, University College Falmouth, Falmouth, UK
2009 The Denis Mitchell Sculpture Award, University College Falmouth, Falmouth, UK

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