Racheal Crowther

Racheal Crowther

b. 1991, Dublin, Ireland

2010–2013 BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London, London

Watch Forever Strong by Racheal Crowther

Artist’s Statement

My work attempts to situate an ultra-specific & sensitive response to the saturation of industrialised desire and commercial sensuality. Our pure innate desires to be loved & our need to be wanted, are then abused and exhausted by illusions of power and self-fulfilment locked in pre-packaged promises, provoking an unsustainable hunger.

A desensitisation / degradation of the senses and our capacity for libidinal phenomena through the continually delayed promise of satisfaction  and the internalised impetuses to produce and consume.

The excess of convenience & the illusion of luxury. 

I find myself working with signs, objects, branding, and personal photographs/footage to create poetic assemblages which attempt to tease out base drives within this new cosmetic culture; to preserve & protect (delay decay). 

The reluctance to let anything into/ or out of. The gloss effect.

Recent Exhibitions

2013 CUSSGROUP Video Party #3, Salon De Beleza, Johannesburg

2013 SALT. Pageantry, LimaZulu, London
2013 Fish Contemplating the Viscosity of Water, Udstillingsstedet Q, Copenhagen
2013 Consensual Hallucinations III, Wayward Gallery, London
2013 SALT. Salirophilia, Arcadia Missa, London
2013 BEEF, Galerie der Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg
2012 Consensual Hallucinations II, Sassoon Gallery, London

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