Matthew Humphreys

b. 1976, Northampton


2011–2013 MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London
1999–2002 BA Film & Video, Newport Film School, Newport

Watch Goodbye by Matthew Humphreys

Artist’s Statement

I explore our plight as humans, highlighting the two key senses: sight and hearing, and I use these to present to the perceiver a discourse, which communicates and disseminates the human emotional state.

I am fascinated with technology and its intersection with experience.  I form relationships with cameras, follow routines, find inspiration and gather my source material; this is where I translate and create.

The family, social relationships and the everyday are captured with my lens; this is coupled with research that delves into language, communication and the histories and technologies of the medium that I employ.

It is my experimentation, interaction, research and ritual with lens-based media that defines my practice.


In this work I recorded every goodbye from my parents’ house on my iPhone.  Even though each departure was unique in the form of dialogue, the location and, to a large extent, the camera movement remained a constant.  I transcribe from the audio exchanges of dialogue and present that as a script alongside all 96 videos.

Undertaking this ritualistic documentary process, stories and patterns emerge from the small incidents of everyday life to the larger moments that change the dynamic of the family home.

Recent Exhibitions

2014 You See Me, FSM Gallery, Florence
2014 Where I Sleep, The Invisible Line, London
2013 Flux: Beat, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

Awards and Residencies

2014 Visible White: Best Project, Celeste Prize, Florence
2012 South Square Trust Bursary, London

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