Louise Bradley

Louise Bradley

b. 1980, London


2010–2013 BA Fine Art, Southampton Solent University, Southampton

Watch Machine by Louise Bradley

Artist’s Statement

The relationship with my practice is intimate; we share a body, play and try to understand the strangeness of our subsistence. We never restrict ourselves to one medium, choosing to expand our awareness through film, and a variety of materials.

Many of our works seem faulty or nonsensical, as we question pre-set structures, going beyond the surface to listen to background noise and walk new territories. We transcend physicality to a space that is experiential and experimental, we take risks to understand who and where we are.

Electricity runs through us as if blood in our veins, we speak with a digital voice, and dance about with no domain or boundary, we are technological space.

It is hard to know where people start and objects begin as we shape and plug into each other. We are conjoined in a joyous rhythm, which repeats and glitches through the tension caused by us occupying the same space.

When united through film we disrupt the arrow of time, repeating ourselves in a bid to cheat our entropic fate.

Our sculptural formations, question the inherent narratives in materials. We look at how identity and history can be built upon, adapted and fused with other forms to create new systems. 

The outcome is always uncertain.

Recent Exhibitions

2014 Responder, Southampton City Gallery, Southampton
2013 Out of Focus, Bargate Monument Gallery, Southampton

Awards and Residencies

2014 Talent Development Bursary, Arts Council England
2013 Residency, Showcase Gallery, Southampton Solent University, Southampton

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