Edward Hill

b.1989, Aldbourne

2011–2014 BA Fine Art, University College Falmouth, Falmouth

Artist’s Statement

I aim to make atmospheric paintings, imbued with an elusive mystery and warmth. Subject matter used to inform paintings can vary; sketches from life, personal photographs and memories, references to cultural phenomena and the history of painting can all inform an idea. Films, music, literature and comic books could also inspire ideas. A recurring theme is the allusion to faraway places. This far-away place might be a memory from childhood, a depiction of a place or ‘thing’ once visited or witnessed, an experience or sensation. It could be a semi-fictional invention or a borrowed story from a relative. I feel most comfortable when the idea is something that relates to my own life. I am drawn to images which contain strangeness, humour and a tragi-comic element. I seem to be scruffy by default and instead of battling this scruffiness (wonky home-made stretchers or battered surfaces) and failing; I have decided to embrace it fully. This mode of thought connects to an affinity with folk culture and a desire to break the rules or conventions in some way; to reject ‘correctness’.

The work selected shows a direct response to personal experiences, sensations and memories. I have used certain characters as the figures in the work; these characters are almost always a person of significance in my life, but they also must fit a certain mood I am aiming for. Each work also contains various cultural references which often become relevant on reflection of the initial idea. The choice of material, application and colour are all in keeping with this certain mood I aim to evoke in each work, whilst also making literal references to the actual experience, memory or sensation in question.

Recent Exhibitions

2014 Test Space Open, Spike Island, Bristol
2014 Paint Like You Mean It, Interview Room 11, Edinburgh

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