Dinah Berger

Dinah Berger

b. 1991, London

2011–2014 BA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham

Artist’s Statement

watching, being watched, watching back.


I realise ideas of speech, description and paradox through the medium of moving image.




The work keeps a secret, doesn’t tell the audience the whole story.

My work stems from an interest in, and long family history relating to, surveillance and voyeurism. I use my family as a vehicle to explore critical concerns around human behaviours.

I make video work that is situational, mostly improvised and spontaneous using natural, un-scripted footage.

The relationship between the audio and the visual is pertinent.

Audio entirely transmutes moving image, manipulating the content it pushes the concept into a different place.

Recent Exhibitions

2013 SHIFT, Switch Studios, Nottingham
2013 it’s not quite how i imagined it, Backlit, Nottingham
2013 Situated, The Park Estate, Nottingham

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