Tajinder Dhami

Tajinder Dhami

b. 1970, Coventry


2010–2014 MPhil Media and Arts Technology, Queen Mary University of London, London
2003–2007 MPhil Animation, Royal College of Art, London
1999–2000 MA Digital Special Effects, National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth
1993–1996 BA Fine Art, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, and Utrecht School for the Arts

Watch Electric Dreams: Will Synthetic Intelligences Dream of Electric Sheep by Tajinder Dhami

Artist’s Statement

As an artist I work within the medium of animation. I create installations, physical forms, and screen based works. Thematically my practise unfolds around the notion of 'extension', incorporating ideas of liminality, interconnectivity, and transference. In one sense this association with the term 'extension may be seen as a play on accessing forms of 'otherness' and 'beyond'.

As part of these ideas, I have an interest in the increasingly intertwined relationships between the bio-neuro-physical and the digital. The selected moving image work, Electric Dreams :Will Synthetic Intelligences Dream of Electric Sheep?, considers the projection of the 'human form and its processes' on to a future laboratory-engineered, semi-autonomous species, asking;

 If Synthetic Intelligences (SI) and Artificial intelligences (AI) are to be designed on human development, then will adolescent male machines (computers) experience wet dreams? If so, what will they look like?n answer is provided through envisaging a recording of an AI/SI computer’s 'RAM' memory whilst it sleeps to find out!

Recent Exhibitions

2009 Oscillations, Station, Bristol
2008 String Theory, Spike Island Test Space, Bristol

2014 PUNTO y RAYA Festival, Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavík
2010 Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA
2010 Multichannel: Variable Economies, Artsway, Sway
2009 State of Art, State of Art / Glastonbury Festival, Pilton
2008 Spike Open, Spike Island Studios, Bristol
2008 Animated Exeter, Phoenix, Exeter

Awards and Residencies

2010 MacLab Residency, MAC, Birmingham
2009 Proud to be Different Residency, Artshape and Garas, Gloucester

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