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Still: Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzztival

3 Feb 200718 Feb 2007

A massive fortnight of non-stop cops and hardcore action to celebrate the release of Hot Fuzz (on Friday 16 February), the new comedy from the team behind Shaun of the Dead. These are some of the films that inspired director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, making them essential viewing if you want to experience the full force of the Fuzz.

There’s also a tribute to action maestro Tony Scott, a special double-bill of Point Break and Bad Boys II (a viewing experience straight from Hot Fuzz itself) all focussed around a Centrepiece Preview of Hot Fuzz on Saturday 10th. We hope to have Edgar Wright on hand to introduce individual films during the season, but keep checking the ICA Website for up-to-date information and confirmation. Don't forget to check out the individual film pages for the director’s own take on the titles in the season.

Thanks to Universal Pictures International (UK) and Working Title Films

  • Still: Electra Glide in Blue

    Electra Glide in Blue

    3 Feb 200712 Feb 2007

    Stylish cop drama about an Arizona motorcycle cop who gets the chance to investigate a murder: a one-of-a-kind cult classic.

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  • Still: Man on Fire

    Man on Fire

    3 Feb 200711 Feb 2007

    Tony Scott's bruising revenge thriller in which turbulent emotions drive the action.

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  • Still: True Romance

    True Romance

    4 Feb 20077 Feb 2007

    From a script by Tarantino, the film that made Tony Scott one of Hollywood's coolest directors: violence, drugs and in-jokes.

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  • Still: Hard-Boiled


    5 Feb 200710 Feb 2007

    Chow Yun Fat is the top cop and Tony Leung an undercover agent in John Woo's highly influential pre-Hollywood action-thriller.

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  • Still: Sudden Impact

    Sudden Impact

    6 Feb 20079 Feb 2007

    Dirty Harry returns after seven years to take on a fellow vigilante in the toughest film in the series.

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  • Still: Point Break

    Danny Butterman's Double-Bill: Point Break & Bad Boys II

    9 Feb 2007

    Cop movies and popcorn action: an evening's entertainment straight out of Hot Fuzz.

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  • Still: Point Break

    Point Break

    9 Feb 200717 Feb 2007

    Keanu Reeves must infiltrate the surfing world in the first part of the ultimate cop double-bill, as chosen by Nick Frost's village policeman Danny Butterman.

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  • Still: Bad Boys II

    Bad Boys II

    9 Feb 200718 Feb 2007

    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are Miami narcotics cops in a sequel that's slicker, funnier, faster and more destructive than any other Hollywood action film.

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  • Brannigan, Dir Douglas Hickox, UK 1975


    10 Feb 200714 Feb 2007

    John Wayne and Richard Attenborough bring a bit of Western to the East End.

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  • Still: Hot Fuzz

    Hot Fuzztival Double-Bill: Hot Fuzz & The Super Cops

    10 Feb 2007

    A full evening's entertainment with a special preview of Hot Fuzz, a much-needed 'bar break' and a late screening of firm Fuzztival favourite The Super Cops.

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  • The Super Cops, dir Gordon Parks, USA 1974

    The Super Cops

    11 Feb 200713 Feb 2007

    Maverick partners expose police corruption in a vivid 1970s cop thriller.

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