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Still: Electra Glide in Blue

Electra Glide in Blue

3 Feb 200712 Feb 2007

Rarely shown on the big-screen, this stylish cop drama about an Arizona motorcycle cop who gets the chance to investigate a murder is a one-of-a-kind cult classic. The only film its director ever made, and with one of the great final shots of all-time.

The screening on Saturday 3 February will be introduced by Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright.

Edgar writes:"Ex-music producer and rock manager's James William Guercio's one and only directorial credit is a gem among cop films; one that both sits proudly in the idiosyncratic golden period of 70's cinema and marks a bittersweet counterpoint to Easy Rider.

Diminutive Robert Blake's 'Big John' Wintergreen is dwarfed by his colleagues and the surrounding Monument Valley; the quintessential small cop in the Big Country. His motorcycle traffic cop has lofty ambitions, but a promotion to Homicide and the chance to crack a mysterious murder isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Beautifully shot by the late Conrad Hall, this is a funny, heartbreaking and sometimes brutal film. Its classic final shot is one to behold."

Dir James William Guercio, USA 1972, 114 mins


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