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Still: Turkish Delight

Paul Verhoeven: Dutch Master

14 Jan 200725 Jan 2007

Paul Verhoeven became one of Hollywood's hottest directors when became an ultra-violent box-office sensation in 1986. We celebrate the release of his latest film, with a special preview, followed by a fortnight of the features that make up the first phase of the director's remarkable, controversial career.

Season and preview courtesy of Tartan Films

  • Still: Soldier of Orange

    Soldier of Orange

    20 Jan 200725 Jan 2007

    Rutger Hauer and Jeroen Krabbe escape wartime Holland for England to find a way to help their homeland.

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  • The Fourth Man

    19 Jan 200725 Jan 2007

    One of the greatest, sexiest, strangest erotic thrillers ever made.

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  • Still: Spetters


    17 Jan 200721 Jan 2007

    A drama about three motorcross racers and an Olivia Newton John look-a-like who comes between them, forcing them to reassess their youthful dreams.

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  • Still: Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight

    16 Jan 200724 Jan 2007

    Rutger Hauer is a bohemian sculptor in a stormy relationship with a beautiful young woman.

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  • Katie Tippel

    Katie Tippel

    16 Jan 200724 Jan 2007

    The story of a woman born into poverty who reaches high society through prostitution.

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  • Business is Business

    Business is Business

    15 Jan 200723 Jan 2007

    Verhoeven's feature debut, a tale from Amsterdam's Red Light district about a prostitute and her relationships.

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  • Still: Black Book

    Special Preview: Black Book

    14 Jan 2007

    Paul Verhoeven returns to his native Netherlands for a rollercoaster wartime thriller.

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