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Still: Lumo

11th Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

23 Mar 200729 Mar 2007

Supported by Time Out, the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival returns to the ICA with thought-provoking, provocative and beautifully crafted features and documentaries, many attended by filmmakers discussing their work with the audience.

  • Still: City of Photographers

    City of Photographers

    23 Mar 2007

    A documentary about the Chilean photojournalists who resisted Pinochet with the people's weapon: the camera.

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  • Still: El Violin

    El Violin

    24 Mar 2007

    Don Plutarco, his son and his grandson are musicians and humble farmers, but also support an armed guerrilla movement seeking social justice for the peasant farmers.

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  • Still: Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

    Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

    24 Mar 200729 Mar 2007

    Powerful, restrained, and fiercely compelling, a documentary that explores the many troubling questions behind the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

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  • Still: Men on the Edge - Fishermen's Diary

    Men on the Edge - Fishermen's Diary

    24 Mar 2007

    Four years in the life of Israeli and Palestinian fishermen living and working together on the border between Gaza and Israel.

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  • Still: Lumo


    25 Mar 2007

    Intimate portrait a Congolese woman living with a traumatic fistula after being violently raped by soldiers and rejected by her fiance and family.

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  • Still: Railroad All-Stars

    Railroad All-Stars

    25 Mar 2007

    An exhilarating, endearing, and deeply humorous documentary about three prostitutes in search of a better life.

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  • Still: Total Denial

    Total Denial

    26 Mar 2007

    The inspiring story of fifteen villagers from the jungles of Burma who bring two US oil giants to court for human rights abuse.

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  • Still: Hot House

    Hot House

    27 Mar 2007

    A unique, probing documentary feature about the eight thousand Palestinians in Israeli jails, and the emergence of a Palestinian national leadership there.

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  • Still: Carla's List

    Carla's List

    28 Mar 2007

    Between The Hague, New York, Zagreb and Washington, International Criminal Tribunal prosecutor Carla Del Ponte races against the clock for justice.

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