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Garin Nugroho, The Blindfold, 2012

Terracotta Film Festival: Spotlight on Indonesia

11 Jun 201323 Jun 2013

Before the phenomenal success of The Raid, Terracotta programmers had been tracking developments in Indonesian film - the key players in the scene and the diverse output of films coming from this market. Now is an opportune time to shine a spotlight on this fascinating, populous, economically successful country, which has a rich history of trading with the West.

Well known for the tourist beaches of Bali and for the coffee from Java, Indonesia is geographically vast with varying landscapes. In modern times it has endured ethnic conflicts and political turmoil. Take the friction between tradition and modernity, add in beautiful locations and some fascinating stories to tell, and you have a fertile ground for stunning creativity.

Terracotta are proud to present these six films of mixed genres (auteur, romantic drama, historical epic, social and a musical) by emerging and well-established directors.

By offering you just a teaser, the festival hopes to inspire you to delve further into the wonders of Indonesian cinema.

For more information, please visit the official Terracotta Festival website


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