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The New Left: Then and Now

9 Feb 200726 Feb 2007

Nearly forty years ago—in the last revolutionary impulse to convulse Western societies—a distinctively New Left composed mostly of students emerged onto the political stage to try and change the world.

As they passed through life and its institutions, the ideas of the New Left changed substantially, and won considerable influence. Forty years later, a series of ICA talks traces the trajectory of New Left thought and action from the 60s to the present day, and wonders what its cultural legacy has been.

  • Jacques Rancière

    Jacques Rancière

    9 Feb 2007

    Highly influential French philosopher Jacques Rancière talks about the relationship between the democratic impulse and leftist politics with Peter Hallward.

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  • What's Left of the Left?

    What's Left of the Left?

    12 Feb 2007

    Martin Kettle, Hilary Wainwright, Nick Cohen and Mick Hume ask whether the war in Iraq is a continuation of the democratic spirit of 1968 or an abandonment of its principles.

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  • Before the Revolution

    Before the Revolution

    18 Feb 200719 Feb 2007

    Bertolucci's classic political and sexual coming-of-age tale.

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  • The New Left and its Influence

    The New Left and its Influence

    19 Feb 2007

    Ernesto Laclau, Robin Blackburn and Lynne Segal discuss the legacy of the 1968 New Left and their influence in this very different era.

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  • Mike Davis

    Mike Davis on the New Left

    20 Feb 2007

    Urban historian Mike Davis traces the worldwide development of the car bomb, and argues for its importance in globalising urban terrorist techniques.

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  • Is the BBC Institutionally Biased?

    Is the BBC Institutionally Biased?

    22 Feb 2007

    Is objectivity as important as balance? Broadcasters and academics discuss the implications for the way that news is presented.

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  • The Weatherman Meets The Angry Brigade

    The Weatherman Meets The Angry Brigade

    26 Feb 2007

    Former member of The Weather Underground Bill Ayers meets The Angry Brigade's John Barker to talk about the insurrectionist New Left, its influences and whether they have any regrets.

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