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Frames of Representation: New Visions for Cinema 2018

Frames of Representation: New Visions for Cinema 2018

20 Apr 201828 Apr 2018

Frames of Representation (FoR) embraces the possibilities offered by the cinema of the real, showcasing films that approach complex material contexts through innovative forms of storytelling. Returning for its third edition, this year's festival explores the multifaceted concept of Landscape, following Working in 2017 and New Periphery in 2016. Calling for a new way of understanding the world and our place in it, Landscape discusses paths to ecologically sustainable and socially equitable communities. 

Through a series of screenings and related discussion forums, #FoR18 aims to facilitate conversation around how filmmakers, thinkers and activists are currently  addressing the interconnected frames of art, society and the environment. As in past years, the festival engages with the creative tension between fiction and non-fiction, reality and imagination, aiming to create a space where cinema and art become dynamic forces for change. 

The films navigate places marked by political borders, trace rapidly changing environments and imagine new geographies of sound, affect and aesthetics. Investigating landscape from different angles, they imagine it as a matrix where various social issues, constructs and positionalities are illustrated, made tangible and experienced inand throughthe physical environment. Landscape emerges as a complex space that connects each individual to the other, where geographical borders can function as an entry point to a rich sense of inclusiveness, rather than structures of demarcation and exclusion. 

The festival aims to support and generate dialogue around emerging practices in cinema. The nine-day programme profiles twelve full-length features, six shorts and nine supporting activities that take form as workshops, seminars, lectures, a symposium and a night with Radio Atlas. These activities respond to the films in order to provoke reflection on the ethical and political implications of representation through distinctive cinematic languages and emerging new voices.

As part of (FoR) the bar will be open until 12am every night of the film festival

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To learn more about Frames of Representation (FoR) 2018, please download the FoR booklet here [PDF]

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Frames of Representation (FoR): New Visions for Cinema 2018 is presented in academic partnership with CHASE (Consortium for the Arts and Humanities South-East England)

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