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Frames of Representation: Secret Screening

Frames of Representation: Secret Screening

21 Apr 2018

The film director is in attendance for a Q&A hosted by Jo Duncombe, curator and creative producer at Birds Eye View Films

The film title will only be revealed during the introduction.

The first ever Frames of Representation (FoR) secret screening is the international premiere of a film that tackles the issue of predatory relationships, probing complex power dynamics through a constantly shifting moral and ethical lens.

In a remote forest, cages are hoisted up to the treetops with pulleys. A strange and fascinating woodland theatre provides the backdrop for intricate rituals. Yet, we learn, this world is rapidly disappearing. As the loud and disquieting noises of pine trees being felled increase, we come to understand that certain practices will soon be no more than a memory.

Through a mysterious, yet tightly organised structure and mesmerising visuals, this work explores the highs and lows of the human condition, and its most unsettling impulses.

The film is a 2018 production with a running time of slightly under 60 minutes.

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To learn more about Frames of Representation (FoR) 2018, please download the FoR booklet here [PDF]

FoR18 Trailer Final

Frames of Representation (FoR): New Visions for Cinema 2018 is presented in academic partnership with CHASE (Consortium for the Arts and Humanities South-East England)

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