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Frames of Representation: FoR Short #2

Frames of Representation: FoR Shorts #2

28 Apr 2018

A programme of three short films with directors Luis López Carrasco (Aliens), Pilar Palomero (Horta) and Madi Piller (Untitled, 1925) in attendance, hosted by programmer and critic Gonzalo De Pedro.



Tesa Arranz, a key figure in the 1980s Madrid scene and the lead singer of the Zombies, painted over 500 portraits of outerspace creatures. Combining the singer's paintings with memories of her youth, her poems and diaries, Aliens depicts an emotional landscape in Spanish history where happiness, nightmarish experimentations and alienation walked hand in hand.

Aliens, dir. Luis López Carrasco, Spain 2017, 23 mins, Spanish with English subtitles


Horta is the experimentation of the passage of time in oneself and the honest expression of a loss. - Doclisboa

Horta is a collage of the filmmaker's hometown and an engaging portrait of family grief. Here, geographical and emotional landscapes intersect as the protagonist experiences the inextricability of her personal history and the multilayered landscape of her ancestral home.

Horta, dir. Pilar Palomero, Spain 2017, 15 mins, Spanish with English subtitles

Untitled, 1925

Evincing formal echoes of Bruce Baillie, Madi Piller's Untitled, 1925 is a personal, experimental travelogue... - Letterboxd

Traveling through the highlands of Peru, an artist follows the path her grandfather took in 1925, from Lima to Cusco. The vast, silent territory of the Andes is the backdrop for her moving and compelling reflections on identity and belonging.

Untitled, 1925, dir. Madi Piller, Canada 2018, 26 min

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