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Still: The Death of Mr Lazarescu

Documentaries of the Year

13 Nov 200630 Dec 2006

We know it can be impossible to see everything when there's so much great stuff around, so we're keeping Christmas real with a review of some of the essential documentaries screened over the past year at the ICA. Sorry if they were sold out first time around - here's your chance to catch up before a new batch arrive in 2007!

  • Still: Favela Rising

    Favela Rising

    13 Nov 200630 Dec 2006

    The story of AfroReggae's emergence from Rio's slums, one of the most important, emotive and entertaining documentaries in years.

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  • Still: Derrida


    8 Dec 200612 Dec 2006

    An intimate look at the French philosopher and intellectual icon.

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  • Still: The Death of Mr Lazarescu

    The Death of Mr Lazarescu

    8 Dec 200612 Dec 2006

    A night in the death of a 62-year old Romanian man. One of the few genuinely unforgettable and unique cinematic experiences of the year.

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  • Still: A Lion in the House

    A Lion in the House

    13 Dec 200627 Dec 2006

    Five children and their families navigate the ups and downs of cancer treatment. A deeply compassionate, moving story of hope, love and resilience.

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  • Hearts and Minds

    Hearts and Minds

    14 Dec 200628 Dec 2006

    30th anniversary re-release of Oscar-winning documentary about the Vietnam War.

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  • Black Sun

    Black Sun

    14 Dec 200623 Dec 2006

    An impressionistic documentary about the life of a blinded artist, a rapturous reconfiguration of the everyday.

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  • Still: This Film Is Not Yet Rated

    This Film Is Not Yet Rated

    17 Dec 200629 Dec 2006

    Kirby Dick investigates the censorship secrets of the American movie industry.

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  • Still: Sisters in Law

    Sisters in Law

    17 Dec 200630 Dec 2006

    An uplifting and enlightening documentary women delivering justice and empowerment in modern-day Africa.

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  • His Big White Self

    His Big White Self

    17 Dec 200630 Dec 2006

    Nick Broomfield catches up with white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche, fifteen years after The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's Wife.

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  • Workingman's Death

    Workingman's Death

    18 Dec 200627 Dec 2006

    A monumental and visually striking documentary mapping the world of work from the slaughterhouses of Nigeria to the steelworks of China.

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  • Unknown White Male

    Unknown White Male

    18 Dec 200628 Dec 2006

    A young man who has lost everything and everyone he knows to a rare form of amnesia reconstructs his life in this stranger-than-fiction portrait of identity as a work in progress.

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  • KZ


    19 Dec 200628 Dec 2006

    How humans learn to live with the past: a haunting documentary about the everyday life in Mauthausen, site of the infamous Nazi concentration camp.

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  • Still: Soy Cuba

    Soy Cuba (I Am Cuba)

    21 Dec 200630 Dec 2006

    A masterclass in bravura movie-making, this dazzling, delirious epic of Communist propaganda has to be seen on the big-screen to be fully appreciated.

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