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Tetsuichiro Tsuta, The Tale of Iya, 2013

Pan Asia Film Festival 2014: The Tale of Iya + Q&A

7 Mar 2014

A tunnel to be built in Iya threatens to disrupt the natural order as an elderly man (Min Tanaka) and his granddaughter Haruna (Rina Takeda) meet a young man from Tokyo (Shima Onishi), whose life will be changed forever in experiencing their simple, secluded lifestyle.

Ambitious, beautiful and moving, Tetsuichiro Tsuta’s sophomore feature depicts the nobility of co-existing with nature. Shot on 35mm in the mountains of Tokushima, it captures the changing seasons over the course of a year, creating a dreamlike visual poem that offers viewers a truly cinematic experience.

Awarded a Special Mention in the Asian Future section of the Tokyo International Film Festival.

The Tale of Iya, dir Tetsuichiro Tsuta, 2013, Japan, 169 mins, UK Premiere


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