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Victoria Sin, Narrative Reflections on Looking (2017). Courtesy the artist

Glitch @ Night

17 Nov 2017

Performance by Victoria Sin, DJ sets by SCRAAATCH and BBZ London, with visuals by Zadie Xa and a project by Stina Puotinen.

Glitch Feminism embraces the causality of 'error' and turns the gloomy implication of 'glitch' on its ear by acknowledging that an error in a social system disturbed by economic, racial, social, sexual, cultural stratification and the imperialist wrecking-ball of globalization—processes that continue to enact violence on all bodies—may not be 'error' at all, but rather a much-needed erratum.

The glitch posits: 'One is not born, but rather becomes, a body.' The digital is a vessel through which our glitch 'becoming' realises itself, and through which we can reprogramme binary gender coding. Our 'glitch' is a correction to the machine—fuck hegemonic coding! USURP THE BODY—BECOME YOUR AVATAR!

Glitch @ Night is curated by Legacy Russell as part of an evening resistance in celebration of radical sound, bodies and nightlife, brought to you AFK by #GlitchFeminism.

This event follows Glitch Shorts, ICA Cinema 1, 6.30pm

Buy tickets to both Glitch Shorts and Glitch @ Night at a special price of £12 Non-Members/£5 Members


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