Kevin James Boyd, Bonfire, 2014, Courtesy of the artist

Kevin James Boyd

1989, Ieper, Belgium

2010-2014 BA Fine Art Photography, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow

Recent exhibitions

Group shows:
2015 Phoenix Bursary Show, Reid Building, Glasgow
2014 Fine Art Showcase, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow
2013 ‘3/4’, The Glue Factory, Glasgow 2013 ‘Tp,n’, Film screening, Centre Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
2012 ‘Separate Pieces’, The Chocolate Factory, Glasgow

Awards and Residencies:
2014 Roger Ackling Prize, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
2014-15 Phoenix Bursary, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow

Artist’s Statement

I found a specific place close to home interesting. It wasn’t a very big space but it was a place I would visit for hours as a kid with friends. As an adult, I revisited this area allowing me to realize the naivety of a youthful mind. What once was a place filled with childhood stories and playful memories became an area full of serious questions that I wanted to answer.

People have reasons for doing certain things. What makes someone continue doing something over and over again? Addiction? Comfort? Relief?

I made work concerning the questions asked.