Hilde Krohn Huse, Hanging in the Woods, 2014, Courtesy of the artist

Hilde Krohn Huse

b. 1988, Bergen, Norway

2012-2014 MFA Fine Art Media, Slade School of Fine Art, London

Recent Exhibitions

Group shows:
2015 ‘Young Gods’, Charlie Smith Gallery, London
2014 ‘Digital Late’, Museum of London, London

Artist’s Statement

The work of Hilde Krohn Huse centers on intention, representation and misinterpretation. This takes form in narratives, created either in film or collage, or in filmed performances that become part of a digital installation. Krohn Huse’s work delves into how we are presented with information and how it can be altered depending on who or where it comes from and how the viewer interprets it. Krohn Huse focuses on how a person forms an identity or identities through the process of display and editing. Krohn Huse creates her work by being the performer, editor and viewer of herself, constructing herself for an audience.

In the film ‘Hanging in the Woods’ the viewer can witness the breakdown between performance and reality as the indented performance goes wrong and the performer is stuck hanging from the tree without being able to free herself or any visible means of help or escape.