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29 May 2013

Over three generations, the Aho-Soldan family has made a profound contribution to Finnish culture. Among his other works, Juhani Aho’s novel Juha has spawned four films and two operas, while his wife Venny Soldan-Brofeldt was one of Finland’s first female painters. Their sons Heikki and Björn were pioneers of documentary filmmaking, and Heikki’s daughter Claire used the springboard of the Aho & Soldan Company to become one of the country’s leading photographers.

A fascinatingly layered essay film that charts a century in Finnish history, Splinters uses the prism of the Aho-Soldans to explore concepts of time and memory, of national identity, and of the way the arts both reflect and enrich a society.

Splinters, Dir. Peter von Bagh, Finland 2011, 74 min. Finnish with English subtitles


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