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Artists' Film Surveys

9 Apr 201112 Jun 2011

A select programme of several works within an artist's practice, these screenings feature key art historical figures as well as diverse work from national and international producers.

Presented in association with London Consortium

  • Artists' Film Surveys: Paul Rooney

    9 Apr 201110 Apr 2011

    Liverpool based Paul Rooney makes video and film works that focus on the nature of individual subjectivity in relation to the historical past, often dealing in particular with the difficulty of attempting to render historical memory in language or images.

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  • Vivienne Dick, Guerillere Talks, 1978.  Courtesy of Lux.

    Artists' Film Surveys: Vivienne Dick

    16 Apr 201117 Apr 2011

    Dick's films feature many musicians from the No Wave movement in New York with performances and music from Lydia Lunch, James Chance, Pat Place, Adele Bertei and Ikue Mori.

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  • Enemies of the Rose, 2010, Courtesy of the artist and Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp

    Artists' Film Surveys: Margaret Salmon

    14 May 201115 May 2011

    Premières of new work by award-winning artist Margaret Salmon who creates filmic portraits that weave together poetry and ethnography. This survey presents several works from Salmon’s practice including London premieres of her most recent films: The Enemies of the Rose (2010), Times Square (2010), Man in Truck (2010) as well as earlier pieces.

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  • Auditorium, courtesy of Lux

    Artists' Film Surveys: Ian Breakwell

    28 May 201129 May 2011

    This survey features Breakwell’s groundbreaking work Auditorium (1993) made in collaboration with composer Ron Geesin.

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  • Journey's North: Pole To Pole, 2010, Bluecoat, Liverpool, Courtesy of the artist

    Artists' Film Survey: Grace Ndiritu

    11 Jun 201112 Jun 2011

    This survey of Grace Ndiritu's work explores the diverse range in thematic subjects, unique conceptual frameworks and radical filmmaking processes in her practice.

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