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Bruno Salas, Escape de Gas, 2014

Architecture Film Festival London 2017

6 Jun 201711 Jun 2017

Both good architecture and good filmmaking respond to the human condition in narrative formand each interprets culture as the experience of space and time. Architecture Film Festival London explores the increasingly close relationship that exists between the moving image and the built environment through a series of films which—whether implicitly or explicitly—have been informed by the history, experience, or practice of architecture.
By providing a platform for these disciplines to meet, creating dialogue around form, content, technique and technology, the festival promotes and fosters a deeper collaboration between architecture and film. From storytelling themes to the new frontiers opened by CGI and virtual reality, to architecture as central film 'character', the festival puts forward a multifarious interpretation of the ways in which these two discrete fields might start to converse and collaborate in more advanced ways.
The films selected for the festival include documentaries, features, films made by architects, pieces using algorithms to morph architecture, animation, drone footage and virtual reality.


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E.g., 31-07-2021