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Ladies In Waiting Hope, Dickson Leach, 2005, 7 mins

LSFF: We Dare to Fail: 15 Years of LSFF

12 Jan 2018

Who loves God’s Own Country? The Greasy Strangler? Berberian Sound Studio, The Levelling, Prevenge, Couple in a Hole, Spaceship, Gone Too Far, True West, Nina Forever? All great British films from the last few years by uncompromising auteurs, who have all screened early works at the London Short Film Festival.

Alongside BAFTA winners Simon Ellis, Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy (The Desperate Optimists), an incredible selection of shorts are being brought back for this very special 15th anniversary screening. Filmmakers are in attendance, hosted on stage by LSFF co-founders Philip Ilson and Kate Taylor.


  • Free Speech, The Blaine Brothers, 2004, 6 mins
  • Little Clumps Of Hair, Jim Hosking, 2003, 12 mins
  • What The, Simon Ellis, 2004, 7 mins
  • Who Killed Brown Owl?, The Desperate Optimists, 2004, 10 mins
  • A Metaphysical Education, Peter Strickland, 2004, 3 mins
  • Shame, Tom Geens, 2006, 4 mins
  • Ladies In Waiting Hope, Dickson Leach, 2005, 7 mins
  • Sticks And Balls, Alice Lowe/Jacqueline Wright, 2007, 4 mins
  • Tight Jeans, Destiny Ekaragha, 2008, 9 mins
  • Kids Might Fly, Alex Taylor, 2009, 7 mins
  • Man On A Motorcycle, John Mcclean, 2009, 12 mins
  • Bradford Halifax London, Francis Lee 2013, 9 mins

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