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Mark, Dee Meaden, UK, 15 mins

LSFF: New Shorts: Show Me Your Scars

20 Jan 2018

We're a generation with the blues. Heartbreak and homelessness, depression and dead-end towns, the ennui of the everyday - but what doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger. Right?

These powerful shorts tackle our endemic melancholia, giving us complex characters baring all and attempting to take back control.


  • Release, Hero Mackenzie, UK, 19 mins 
  • Not Required Back,  Peter Marsden, UK, 7 mins        
  • Closed Visit,  Jade Evans, UK, 3 mins 
  • Brixton Rock, Ethosheia Hylton, UK, 13 mins   
  • Homeward, Jack Blanch, UK, 16 mins  
  • Life Cycles, Ross Hogg, UK, 5 mins    
  • Mark, Dee Meaden, UK, 15 mins            
  • Rapscallion, David Walker, UK, 14 mins      

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