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And The River Walked With Us, Célia Hay/Anne Vimeux, UK, 3 mins

LSFF: New Shorts: Experiments: Celluloid Traces

14 Jan 2018

Interrogating and celebrating all things celluloid. An immersive programme of analogue experiments, plentifully serving niche and nostalgia - from the found footage manipulations of LSFF regulars David Leister and Illoobia to the crackling of hand-developed Super8 and 16mm.

Archive is weaved into documentaries on the M62 and life in the GDR, and we see 1950s housewives and home movies distressed beyond all recognition. 

Programme - running time 93 mins

  • Tomato, Mark Jenkin, UK, 8 mins           
  • Christ/el, Andreas Grützner, Germany  9 mins 
  • Even Here Even Now, Helga Fannon, UK, 3 mins        
  • Crossing, Jenny Holt, UK, 7 mins         
  • Delicatessen, Fenglin Chen, USA, 5 mins          
  • Bubble Dance, David Leister, UK, 4 mins         
  • Emotion Out, Edwin Mingard, UK, 4 mins         
  • Monument Part One, Tom Chick, UK, 6 mins  
  • Films To Break Projectors, Iloobia, UK, 5 mins      
  • Flood, Susu Laroche, UK, 4 mins          
  • And The River Walked With Us, Célia Hay/Anne Vimeux, UK, 3 mins           
  • Julian's Wings, Julian Hand, UK, 4 mins           
  • Origami, Andy Sowerby, UK, 4 mins      
  • Dissimulation, Alex Wright, UK, 3 mins            
  • Funeral Regrets, Autojektor, UK, 3 mins       
  • Mary Blue, Linda Ward, UK, 4 mins      
  • For Rest, Shinya Isobe, Japan, 17 mins      

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