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Searchwithin, Chao Heng Yang, UK, 3 mins

LSFF: New Shorts: Experiments: Leftfield and Luscious

14 Jan 2018

A showcase of the best in new experimental short film. New work from Stuart Pound, Kayla Parker, Alexei Dmitriev and Anne Verheij mixes drama toying with convention, choreographed dance pieces and manipulated found video footage, transporting you from the Arctic to the flat of Dungeness, mixing electronic and abstract soundscapes.

Programme - running time 87 mins

  • Portrait, Harriet Wallace/Flo Wallace, UK, 9 mins       
  • On Location, Kayla Parker, 13 mins     
  • In Between Takes, Alexei Dmitriev, Russia, 8 mins      
  • Is It Safe, Becky Hollis, 13 mins           
  • One Diving, One Falling, Harry Cauty, UK, 4 mins      
  • Undercurrent, Anne Verheij, UK, 4 mins       
  • Rhythm Of Being, Giada Ghiringhelli, UK, 7 mins          
  • Maya's Knife, Kris Beaghton, UK, 2 mins          
  • Village Orchestra, Sophie Littman, UK, 5 mins         
  • Searchwithin, Chao Heng Yang, UK, 3 mins    
  • Snow, Stuart Pound, UK, 5 mins            
  • Holy Spirit, Christian Wright, 4 mins    
  • Gates Of Rome, Louis-Jack/Henry Babbage, UK, 5 mins
  • Trains, Jola Kudela, 5 mins   

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