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Little White Lies: Still Walking

8 Dec 2013

One of Japan’s greatest living directors, Hirokazu Kore-eda, stunned us with this hushed and intensely lyrical sojourn into the leafy Tokyo suburbs where we are invited to attend a bustling family banquet. Like Robert Altman at his best, Kore-eda doesn’t contrive a hokey plot or drive the action forward with unlikely revelations, instead just allowing viewers to spend time with these rich and fully rounded people and learn of their loves, their traumas, their sorrows and their hopes for the future.

As always with Kore-eda, the chasm between generations – physical and emotional – is front and centre, and many of the film’s delights come from the juxtaposition of the snowy-bearded patriarch and the giggling ankle-biters as they dash around his house.

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