Little White Lies Diary – Preparations for the ICA Weekender

It's not long to go before the curtain rises for the Little White Lies weekender at the ICA.

ICA Cinema

5 Dec 2013

It's not long to go before the curtain rises for the Little White Lies weekender at the ICA. The programme is out there, the cinemas are ready, but there is much preparation to complete before it all kicks off. Here, exclusively for readers of the ICA Blog, is a peek at the list of things we have to do before screenings begin on Friday evening with our exclusive surprise screening.

1) Watch Adam Sandler films in bulk in research for presentation entitled 'The Cinema of Adam Sandler'. This will occur before our screening of PT Anderson's Punch-Drunk Love. Take notes while watching film and remember to take screen captures of any moments that may be of note. Examples so far: Adam Sandler dribbling into his cereal (Big Daddy), Adam Sandler surrounded by Playboy bunnies (Going Overboard), Adam Sandler alongside Greatest Actor of His Generation, Jack Nicholson, slumming in cheapjack family comedy (Anger Management). NOTE: Find something, anything positive to say about Adam Sandler. Keep things light. Funny up.

2) Order chocolate pudding (in bulk) to be served at Punch-Drunk Love screening. Also look into price of spoons. Bibs also? (check with ICA staff)

3) Secure DVDs of Meditation Creativity Peace from the David Lynch Foundation. To be offered as gift for all attendees of 35mm Mulholland Dr. screening.

4) Write Wes Anderson quiz for screening of The Life Aquatic. Make quiz tough, but not too tough. Assume people have seen the films, but don't remember them too intimately. Design answer sheet. Find prizes. Sweets?

5) Quiz should be completed with all viewers wearing red beanie hats. Find supplier of red beanie hats and order red beanie hats in bulk. To be placed on seats. Remainders to be given to LWLies/ICA staff for the cold winter.

6) Contact Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor, directors of Helen, Mister John and many amazing short works. Ask if they'd like to introduce a rare screening of Barbara Loden's lost classic, Wanda. Also ask if they'd like to screen their own incredible short, Who Killed Brown Owl, before the film? Arrange for 35mm print of their film to be picked up and sent to ICA. Send nice email to both. Also, send email to all mailbox informing of this screening. A superb film which more people should see.

7) Search for 35mm print of Gummo. Send emails to cinemas who have screened Gummo over the last few years to see from where they acquired a print. No joy. 35mm print illusive. Does one even exist? Maybe not, so in the spirit of Harmony Korine's work, this will be screened on VHS.

8) Prime Adam Lee Davis (AKA Ex-Rent Hell) for evening screening of Taffin. Make sure he hasn't had too many 'liquid liveners' prior to event. Post this video through all social networking channels to remind people of the film.  Check presentation, 'Taffin and the Cinematic 'Hard Man'' is all running smoothly. Make sure to remind audience that this is one of the funniest movies they're likely to see all year. Really.

9) Get tweed suit back from dry cleaners. Purchase red tie? Watch old YouTube clips of MovieDrome intros to get a feel for things. Organise special under-seat prizes for each screening (not tat from the LWLies basement). Make-up?

10) Phone travel agent to find cheap, last-minute deal to Canary Islands (any), where we will all head directly once the weekend is over.

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