ICA Student Forum: MALWARE

Weaponised Wearable Tech: a jewellery range equipped with a virus

ICA Student Forum presents a newly-commissioned work featuring a wearable virus of extreme destructive force.

This post is part of a Bulletin series dedicated to the ICA Student Forum and designed to enable forum members to showcase their ideas across the ICA’s digital platforms, innovating and experimenting. In 2017, in addition to co-curating and delivering events, talks and workshops as part of the ICA Public Programme, Student Forum members will be working to generate a self-published zine to be launched in December 2017. Reflecting the Forum’s myriad of talents, interests and ideas, the zine will consist of four themes: Performance, Technology, Sound, and Rituals & Non-Spaces.

ICA Student Forum presents a newly-commissioned work by artists Rachel-Rose O’Leary, Mariana Lobão and Eurico Sá Fernandes as part of their Amsterdam-based fashion brand and art collective, MALWARE. Their work will be included in the forthcoming ICA Student Forum zine issue on Technology.

MALWARE is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand and art collective specializing in body-jewellery. Each design in the MALWARE collection is equipped with a USB containing a weapon a virus of extreme destructive force. Intersecting archetypes of body armour and lingerie, MALWARE sexualizes strength, and galvanizes the wearer into empowered usership. Combinations of electrical wire and metal chain encode the body in a protective mass. MALWARE authorizes conflict against technological passivity, and offers the necessary offensive-defensives strategies to operate effectively within the world. ■

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