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Vitor Gonçalves, The Invisible Life, 2013

The Invisible Life

17 Apr 201523 Apr 2015

There will be a Q&A with director Vitor Gonçalves on 17 April.

Hugo, a man on the cusp of middle age, is in the grip of an unshakeable torpor, squandering his life away. Facing the impending death of his friend and professional mentor Antonio, he realises something must change. Existing somewhere between the existential horror of Bergman and absurdist literary dread of Kafka, The Invisible Life explores how Hugo’s past smothers his ability to imagine and create a future for himself.

Vitor Gonçalves, whose previous film A Girl in Summer is considered a touchstone in Portugese national cinema, has returned to the world after a 25 year hiatus from filmmaking with a tender, contemplative and haunting wonder.

The Invisible Life, dir. Vitor Gonçalves, UK/ Portugal 2013, 99 mins.

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