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Catalan Avant-Garde: El cant dels Ocells (Birdsong) + Q&A

18 Dec 2015

Albert Serra joins us for a Q&A following the screening.

Albert Serra is one of the most personal auteurs of modern cinema. His work is recognised around the world and is often presented in contemporary art venues. In El Cant Dels Ocells (Birdsong), the nativity story is retold with the emphasis placed on the Three Wise Kings and their long journey in search of the Messiah, who has just been born.

Serra uses an extremely well-known story to create a work of art that is anything but traditional or conventional. Shot in striking monochrome and transferred onto 35mm from a digital source, this is avant-garde cinema at its best. With doses of very cryptic surreal humour, it reveals the contradictions present in Catalan society, which is both traditional and iconoclastic. 

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El cant dels ocells, dir. Albert Serra, Spain 2008, 90 mins., Catalan with English subtitles

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