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ICA Associates: PAN present James Hoff, Lee Gamble, Steve Warwick, TCF & Nora Khan

ICA Associates: PAN present James Hoff, Lee Gamble, Steve Warwick & Nora Khan, TCF

5 Oct 2016

Since 2008, multi-disciplinary label PAN has been building a network of international artists with an emphasis on adaption to the rapidly changing cultural and material conditions of contemporary musicians and sound artists today. Through a constant stream of releases and events, PAN has evolved year by year to reflect the state of sound production and sound-based art practices.

Over the course of two days ICA Associates: PAN presents an audio-visual programme of lectures, live performances and screenings that illustrate the ongoing activities of its artists.

Artist Bios

  • James Hoff

    James Hoff is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His work encompasses painting, sound, writing, and performance. He has maintained a strong focus on distributed forms and experiments with language, including cross-disciplinary investigations that address orally-transmitted syndromes, computer viruses, and ear worms. His recent works have sought to reconcile traditional artistic forms with the technological advances that underscore our contemporary lived experience. Hoff is also a co-founder of Primary Information, a non-profit arts organization devoted to publishing artists' books and art historical documents. He has exhibited and performed extensively throughout Europe and the United States. Upcoming exhibitions and performances take place at Callicoon Fine Arts (New York), the ICA (London), MASS MoCA (Massachusetts), the Nova Scotia College Art and Design (Halifax), and Supportico Lopez (Berlin).

  • Lee Gamble

    Birmingham-raised, London-based Lee Gamble is a producer and DJ of exploratory electronic/dance music, and owner of the UIQ label. From roots as a teenage DJ rinsing state-of-the-art jungle on pirate radio, Lee explored the mechanics and dimensions of computer music, avant composition and noise in the '00s with a series of abstract, sculptural releases and live improvisational and multichannel presentations, among collaborations with artist Yutaka Makino and improvisations with contemporary composer John Wall. Lee has toured extensively over four continents, playing an hallucinogenic live A/V show with collaborator Dave Gaskarth at festivals such as Unsound, CTM, Sónar and ATP, Mutek as well as regularly DJing, both solo and b2b spinning house and techno with L.I.E.S.' Ron Morelli. He also hosts a monthly NTS radio show, and in 2014 produced the Hyperrealist Absurdist Psychodrama, Your Sociometric Afterlife exploring the 'the illusion of death'.

  • Lars Holdhus (TCF, AOL)

    Lars Holdhus (TCF, AOL) is a Norwegian-born artist, crypto trader, musician and tea business owner. Recent exhibitions and performances include Inflected Objects #1 Abstraction, Swiss Institute, Milan, MOT, Tokyo, Sunday Sessions, Moma Ps1. In his recent works, Holdhus has been addressing tendencies in machine learning, AI and transhumanism. He is producing music under the moniker TCF with a forthcoming series of releases that will come out on PAN.

  • Steven Warwick and Nora Khan

    Steven Warwick is a British artist, musician and writer residing in Berlin. His practice concerns the construction of situations, be it writing about climates of fear (Fear Indexing The X Files), city marketing campaigns from outside themselves as exhibition (NEUTRAL, Postcard from LA) and durational performance installations (Re-engineering Villa Aurora), plays (Neonliberal, The Public Image), films (Holy Water) and self-published books (Interiors). He also hosting a hybrid radioplay talk show on Berlin Community Radio between 2014-2015 and curated exhibitions at Kinderhook & Caracas project space and Lüttgenmeijer Galerie in Berlin. He has exhibited work at SMK Copenhagen, the Modern Institute Glasgow, ICA London, Balice Hertling NYC, Exile Galerie Berlin, Kinderhook & Caracas, Kurator CH, New Theater Berlin, Schinkel Pavillon and was artist in residence at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles 2015.

    Nora Khan is a writer and a contributing editor at Rhizome. She writes fiction and criticism about digital art, artificial intelligence, literature, games, and electronic music. She has published in Rhizome, Kill Screen, Conjunctions, DIS, After Us, AVANT, and American Literary Review and has pieces forthcoming in POSTmatter, Mask, and elsewhere. Since 2015, she has been a contributing critic for Åzone Futures Market, the Guggenheim's first digital exhibition, organized around speculative bets on the future of technology and society.

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