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Natten, 2016. Photo: Anne Van Aerschot.

Mårten Spångberg: Natten, The Series

8 Oct 2016

Promising to take audiences deep into a ‘night darker than black’, Swedish choreographer Mårten Spångberg presents his ‘dance of horror’. This seven-hour tour de force is described as ‘an experiential black hole compressed and absolutely intangible’. For Spångberg, the night is ‘the only place where one can truly be, where one can escape the tyranny of time, in a darkness that does not represent death but life’.
For the ICA, Spångberg presents a piece featuring a group of female dancers, accompanied by readings of short horror stories. This explores an entry to the specific currencies of the female night, where the opacity of darkness has become a hiding place for fleeting forms of friendship, whispers and intimacy.
Natten, The Series is episodic and can be entered every hour, but for those who endure, a dark light will shine throughout its entirety.

With and by Linda Blomqvist, Louise Dahl, Emma Daniel, Hana Lee Erdman and Alexandra Tveit. Supported by Laura Burns and Olivia Fairweather.

Supported by The Swedish Art Council, The Swedish Art Grants Committee and The Swedish Institute. Co-produced by Black Box Theatre Oslo, MDT Stockholm, Kunsten Festival Brussels, XING Bologna, Santarcangelo Festival, and PAF St Erme.

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