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Chto Delat: Perestroika Songspiel. The Victory over the Coup, 2008

Artists' Film Club: Make Film Politically

15 Sep 2010

During the course of the Chto delat? exhibition the ICA cinema hosts a weekly screening event addressing filmmaking which exists at the intersection between art, and social and political activism. Focussing on both historical examples, and the work of leading international contemporary practitioners, this programme uses key short and feature films as the starting point for discussions between the filmmakers themselves, and other invited speakers.

View the special issue of the Chto delat? newspaper Make Film Politically.

15 September, 8:45 pm
Kuhle Wampe or Who Owns the World?

22 September, 8:45 pm
Oliver Ressler, Comuna Under Construction

29 September, 8:45 pm
Želimir Žilnik, The Old School of Capitalism

6 October, 8:45pm
Marcelo Expósito, Not Reconciled (Nobody Knows What a Body is Capable Of)

13 October, 8:45pm
Dziga Vertov, Enthusiasm (Symphony of the Donbasss)


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