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 Wojtek Doroszuk, Prince, 2014, HD video, colour, sound, 19 min 50 sec. Courtesy the artist.

Artists' Film Club: Continental Drift

8 Apr 2015

Featuring work by Gabriel Abrantes, Marwa Arsanios, Wojtek Doroszuk and Marie Voignier, Continental Drift is a group screening of works in which geographic location plays a significant role in the narratives constructed on screen.

In different ways, the roles of location, time and memory are intertwined with historical and contemporary references; building works that look to the past in order to parenthesise moments in the present.

With reference to sociality and nationality, the artists reveal a variety of perspectives that transcend national borders and geographic locations to connect cultures in films that blur cultural references with contemporary social interactions.

(This screening contains adult content)


Marwa Arsanios, Have you ever killed a bear? or Becoming Jamila, 2014, HD video, colour, sound, 25 min
Arsanios’ performance video uses the history of the Cairo magazine Al-Hilal’s 1950s and 1960s collection as the starting point for an inquiry into Jamila Bouhired, an Algerian freedom fighter.

Marie Voignier, Standing Still, 2013, HD video, colour, sound, 14 min 37 sec
From a Post-colonial perspective Voignier’s Standing Still (2013) captures the turning pages of a book, cataloguing colonial hunters and their big game kills.

Gabriel Abrantes, Taprobana, 2014, HD video, colour, sound, 22 min 37 sec
Abrantes’ Taprobana (2014) retells the story of Portuguese poet Luís Vaz de Camões and his inspiration for epic poem The Lusiads (1532) with comedic and playful interpretation.

Wojtek Doroszuk, Prince, 2014, HD video, colour, sound, 19 min 50 sec
Doroszuk’s Prince (2014) follows a young Congolese man with unique preoccupations, as he walks from his home to the outskirts of town to participate in a mesmerising performance.


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