Watershed Bristol


Bristol’s Watershed is the leading film culture and digital media centre in the South West. It advances education, skills, appreciation and understanding of the arts with a particular focus on film, media and digital technologies. 

Watershed develops cultural engagement, imagination and talent, in the belief that the route to better futures is open, disruptive and co-produced. With its audiences and participation at the heart of the organisation it produces and presents original ideas and content and curates a diverse programme of talent development, cinema exhibition, events and festivals.

Onwards and Outwards programme:

6 September
Morvern Callar (dir. Lynne Ramsay, UK 2002, 97 mins)

13 September
Fish Tank (dir. Andrea Arnold, UK 2009, 123 mins)

20 September
Kiss the Water (Eric Steel, UK 2013, 79 mins)
Colour Poems (Margaret Tait, UK 1974, 12 mins)

27 September
The Selfish Giant (Clio Barnard, UK 2013, 91 mins)