Onwards and Outwards Resources

These pages provide links to online content relevant to the questions and themes raised by Onwards and Outwards, a unique programme of films aiming to establish a dialogue around the conditions of production that women face when attempting to use the moving image as a means of expression.

While not intended to be comprehensive, we hope that these resources stimulate further discussion around the issues raised by the programme.

Onwards and Outwards Directors A selection of articles and interviews with directors featured in the programme.

Women in the Film Industry A selection of articles on the position of women in the film industry today, the obstacles that they face and the innovations that they have made.

Celebrating Women's Film A selection of resources highlighting leading women directors and their work.

Feminist Film Theory A selection of online resources by key film theorists and critics.

Sites Websites with further information about feminism, film, women's film festivals and more.

Onwards and Outwards Trailer