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Shape of the Moon

25 Feb 201229 Feb 2012

With a new government in power, change is happening all around Rumidjah's family at a dizzying pace. Shape of the Moon examines how this traditional matriarch steers her family through a time of opportunity and danger, attempting to hold on to her Christian tradition as her son Bakti converts to Islam to marry a Muslim woman. Shape of the Moon uses this as a prism through which to examine the rise of fundamentalist Islam in Indonesia, which for Rumidjah is a simply another way in which she has to deal with both her family's, and the larger country's, uncertain future. Throughout the film, Rumidjah dreams of returning to her childhood rural village to escape the chaos of an unstable, seductive and dangerous Jakarta. Yet she realises at the same time that her rural home holds little opportunity for the younger members of her family and if they wish to prosper they must learn to navigate the dangers of the metropolis.

Dir: Leonard Retel Helmrich, 2004, Netherlands/Indonesia, Indonesian and Javanese with English subtitles, 92 mins

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