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Position Amongst the Stars

17 Feb 20121 Mar 2012

Coming garlanded with awards from Sundance to Amsterdam, this often breathtaking masterpiece is nothing short of crucial viewing. Position Among the Stars is the latest of Helmrich's exploration of increasing globalisation, rising Islamic fundamentalism and the implications of this on one working class Indonesian family. Helmrich again focuses on hard-working grandmother Rumidjah and her two generations of family showing how his subjects find themselves torn between tradition and the ever increasing pressure to prosper. The family's hopes of a life free from poverty rest on granddaughter Tari, but she is less concerned with helping her family than chasing the status provided by acquiring the luxury goods she covets. Retel Helmrich's trademark unique camerawork completely immerses us in the rich textures of their lives. His languid long takes, forever in motion, seemingly effortlessly capture momentous moments imbued with both a heartbreaking, and at times joyous power.  

Dir: Leonard Retel Helmrich, 2011, Netherlands/Indonesia, Indonesian and Javanese with English subtitles, 109 mins


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