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Sand in the Eyes: A non-academic lecture by Rabih Mroué

Sand in the Eyes: A Non-Academic Lecture by Rabih Mroué

26 Mar 2018

Special multibuy offer: see both Rabih Mroué lectures for £10

In parallel with the exhibition Counter Investigations: Forensic Architecture, and in collaboration with the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London, the ICA is pleased to present a series of non-academic lectures by acclaimed Lebanese playwright and artist Rabih Mroué, with two evenings at the ICA followed by a final programme at Goldsmiths.  

For the second evening of the series, Mroué presents Sand in the Eyes, exploring the image politics of Islamist recruitment videos. Structured around videos gathered by intelligence services in the Hessen region of Germany, the lecture addresses how the formats and styles of such videos are attuned to the viewing habits of young people growing up in Europe. Mroué asks what these propaganda materials tell us about their producers, as well as those they are targeting, while also reflecting on the politics inherent in viewing and dealing with these videos from the perspective of European society.  

A first evening with Rabih Mroué at the ICA features his related non-academic lecture Pixelated Revolution. At Goldsmiths, a further three lectures are performed – On Three Posters, Inhabitants of Images, and Before Falling Seek the Assistance of Your Cane.


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