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Bistro, Dir. Sean Gray (Sean Gray) UK, 2m 25s

Rushes: The Short Film Category

24 Jul 201126 Jul 2011

For fictional, live action work by experienced filmmakers in the UK and under 12 minutes.

Modern Times
Dir. Ben Craig UK, 4m 45s
A science fiction short where the past is acknowledged by the future. A love letter to film and film making.

Paper Hearts
Dir. Rob Brown (Highly Unlikely Productions) UK, 9m 43s
A dysfunctional father and son make a surprising discovery about each other.

Dir. Luke Rodgers (Latent Talent) UK, 5m 1s
A stressed-out Stephen is running late to see his daughter when Sarah, a girl reported in his paper as "missing", sits next to him on the bus home. When she departs Stephen decides to report her appearance to the missing hotline – but discovers that Sarah has stolen his phone.

Dir. Ben Lavington Martin (Stylus Films) UK, 10m
A technical fault leaves Astronaut Glenn Gordon, stranded and completely alone on the moon. As radio contact with earth begins to fade along with his oxygen, he begins to reflect on his life and his place in the universe.

Pride Of Dover
Dir. Joseph F Fawcett (French Kiss Productions) UK, 10m 58s
Liam has never left England. His girlfriend Barbara has persuaded him to emigrate with her to Poland. They have arrived at the Port of Dover and are all set to leave on the morning ferry.

Dir. Peter Szewczyk (Light + Mathematics) UK, 8m 40s
A young girl, creative and idealistic, dreams of brighter days in a forgotten Eastern European city. Her fate is inextricably sealed when she crosses paths with a scheming, and enigmatic old woman, who harbours a dark secret.

Dir. Schuman Hoque (Spool & CazSchu) UK, 11m
Sophia goes to work with her stern emotionally distant father. Tony, a bitter factory worker comes between them and challenges their loyalty for one another.

Hitler & Henry Viii
Dir. Jane Gull (Sunflower Films) UK, 6m
A disaffected teacher, unable to cope with the daily war of apathy and aggression, uses extreme measures to restore order to the classroom.

Dir. Alex Hardy (Hardy Productions) UK, 6m 59s
When Giorgi is presented with the deadly proposition of what it takes to gain respect, nothing could have prepared him for truth. Will he become a murderer like his brothers seem to want? Or will he turn his back on his mobster family forever?

Capturing Santa
Dir. Peter Cattaneo (Sprout Pictures) UK, 11m 21s
It’s Christmas and the young Chris O’Dowd is taken to meet Santa at the local supermarket in his hometown in Ireland. Unsettled by stories of Santa coming down the chimney and resentful of always receiving hand-me-down presents he pees on Santa’s lap and returns home to set a trap...

Thinking Straight
Dir. Ric Forster (Honey Hole Productions) UK, 9m 4s


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