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Two Laps Dir. Owen Trevor, (Lanky Boy and Luscious International) Australia, 5m

Rushes: The International Category

24 Jul 201126 Jul 2011

Fictional, live action work by filmmakers outside the UK and under 12 minutes.

Dir. Konstantinos Frangopoulos, (Futre Productions) Greece, 7m
A long-running quarrel between an elderly father and his middle-aged daughter – a divorced mother of two – ends in tragedy.

Via Gori
Dir. George Barbakadze, (Iluminar pty ltd) Australia Georgia, 13m
As Russian planes begin to bomb Georgia, a Russian woman and her daughter board a bus to escape – but will they be discovered?

Masala Mama
Dir. Michael Kam, (Akanga film asia) Singapore, 8m 27s
The young son of a struggling rag-and-bone man is constantly distracted by daydreams of drawing comic book superheroes. One day, he steals a comic from a gentle Indian shop owner...

La Vieille Dame Qui Ne Souriait Plus
Dir. Guillaume Levil, (Les NoUS) France, 12m 50s
Right before retirement, a policeman gets a mission : find those who steal coloured bottles.

Dir. Elite Zexer, Israel, 12m
Tasnim, a strong and opinionated 10-year-old, lives with her mother and siblings in a neglected Bedouin village in the Negev. A surprise visit from her father in the village forces her, for the first time in her life, to confront the conservative norms of the family tribe and the fact that she is no longer daddy's-little-girl.

Dir. Luke Eve, (More Sauce) Australia, 13m 30s
When Charlie is accidentally run over by his own wedding car, he is given another chance at life. Reincarnated as a cockroach he does everything in his power to convince his grieving widow that he has returned. He must woo her back or risk losing her forever.

Two Laps
Dir. Owen Trevor, (Lanky Boy and Luscious International) Australia, 5m
Two friends. One race. Two Laps. No prisoners.

Break A Leg
Dir. Jesse Shamata, (Lot 2B Films) Canada, 7m 03s
A hit-man meets his mark for breakfast to discuss his assassination.

Winter Night
Dir. Henrik Hanson, (Hanson&Hanson Stockholm HB) Sweden, 1m
A homeless on a cold winter night. Winters are harsh for homeless people who survive streets. Loneliness takes over as a girl has lost her love.

I Expect No One
Dir. Kristoffer Borgli, (Fantefilm) Norway, 3m
A short film about happiness.

Dir. Katja Sambeth, Germany, 8m


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