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Noreen Dir. Domhnall Gleeson, (El Zorrero Films) Ireland, 18m

Rushes: The Long Form Category - Programme Two

25 Jul 201127 Jul 2011

For fictional and live action work by filmmakers from around the world which is under 30 minutes.

Bad Night For The Blues
Dir. Chris Shepherd, (Chris Shepherd Films) UK, 16m
It’s your turn to take your aunty to the conservative club, should you bite the bullet or do a runner.

Dir. Hugo Speer, (Vigo Films) UK, 14m 40s
When Mam won’t get out of bed, twelve year-old Danny must fend for his brothers and sisters - whilst trying to protect a secret that threatens to break up the family forever.

Dir. Jae-Ha Myung, (NFTS) UK, 23m 24s
When Jack finds out his father has got an illegal shipment coming in, he sees an opportunity to prove himself in their exotic animal business. Tortoise is a tragic crime drama with inspired by the fact that behind drugs, the illegal importation of endangered animals is the second most lucrative crime trade in the UK.

Dir. Michael Pearce, (Digicult) UK, 17m
A father tries to connect with his estranged son by taking him out for his 18th Birthday.

Happy Clapper
Dir. Ton Marshall, (Vita Nova Films) UK, 23m 25s
Wannabe gangster living alone in a caravan gets a visit from a born again Christian, but this is not a random visit, they have both been waiting for this moment to come. A cruel joke which backfires will lead to danger, violence, Christian rock music and their lives changing forever.

Dir. Domhnall Gleeson, (El Zorrero Films) Ireland, 18m
Two policemen learn life lessons on a house-call in rural Ireland; Frank is young and heartbroken... Con is middle-aged and weary... They’re both alone. They’re both idiots.


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